Being Truly Thankful on This Day of Thanksgiving

Today, is a memorial to our divine gifts of freedom and prosperity. We are thankful to the men and women in the military, who have for decades sacrificed to guarantee the bounty and liberty that our nation has provided uninterrupted for generation after generation.

Our nation’s glory in the past is replete with Providence’s hand, but our country’s present blessings, nor godly favor for our posterity is automatic. It is contingent on being on God’s side, not necessarily choosing a political side. Most important, today reminds us that our greatest challenge is Virtue. That is, distinguishing between Right and wrong, and ultimately choosing Right over wrong. If we ever lose this discernment, that is when we extinguish the true flame of greatest that warms our nation and provides the light of hope for the world.

So therefore, as we contrast the normalcy of blessings of peace and prosperity with our family and friends this week, with the abnormal images of despair, lack, tyranny, and violence from all four corners of the globe on our televisions, let’s give the ultimate credit to our Lord and prayers of protection for our troops serving and defending us on the frontiers of freedom.

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