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In any endeavor, the relationships forged in the pursuit of accomplishment are just as important as reaching the objective. This holds true for my friend and mentor State Representative Wayne Christian.

Besides supporting a strong economy in Texas based on the vibrancy of the free market, State Representative Wayne Christian is a stalwart for traditional values. He has successfully promoted various pieces of legislation protecting the sanctity of life, which I was proud to support.

Additionally, State Representative Wayne Christian has fought a noble fight to restore legitimacy to our public colleges and universities. Apparently, at some of our state-supported institutions of higher learning there are official programs that promote homosexual and “trans-gender” student activities, student centers, and other actions. Parents and students have sounded the alarm about such activities. During the regular session, Wayne Christian successfully added an amendment to HB 1 ( that would require these taxpayer supported institutions to provide an equal level of funding for venues and student activities that promote traditional values. Strangely, Wayne met opposition from a small vocal group of liberal legislators. I supported Wayne’s efforts to bring balance on our university campuses. Unfortunately, the conference committee stripped the amendment.

However, State Representative Wayne Christian was undeterred. This week the Texas House of Representatives considered SB 1 and Wayne Christian offered a similar amendment. Here is the language of the amendment ( This time the opposition on the House floor was vigorous. Insinuations of bigotry, insensitivity, frivolousness, political pandering were lodged against Wayne. Again, his amendment passed overwhelmingly, but the liberal orthodoxy would not allow it. In a desperate attempt, the liberals raised a point of order that threatened to kill the entire bill, SB 1, which contained fiscal measures to ensure school funding and provide needed revenue sources for our public services. In order for the legislative process to proceed, Wayne reluctantly withdrew his amendment.

In Texas, our state supported higher education system is in crisis. Effectively, it has priced our families and students out of opportunity. During this decade, tuition and fees have increased faster than the rate of inflation. Only the pattern of health care cost rival the trend in the cost of college education. Policymakers question if the taxpayers are truly getting value. It has been reported that too many of our professors have light teaching loads and the graduates are ill-prepared academically after their parents have borrowed against their assets and taxpayers have forked billions of dollars of tax revenue. And despite these observations, the liberal establishment strongly fought Christian’s amendment to restore moral sanity on our university campuses. You would think that the logical amoral position would be that in a period of tight government budgets and the call for fiscal responsibility elected officials would describe expenditures on transgender facilities as exorbitant. Just think, when we send our young adults to college they are full of promise and hope, but still have impressionable minds on their first extended separation from their families. Instead of higher education, they are getting a counter indoctrination. We thought our universities we teaching mechanical engineering, yet, we find out that they are offering social engineering.

Please pray that State Representative Wayne Christian maintains his courage and the entire Texas House of Representatives for wisdom. Although Wayne is a senior member of the House, redistricting has left him with a disadvantage of having a district in which he will campaign in front of 8 out of 10 voters for the first time. He will need your support on the ground. Remember, it was Wayne Christian that campaigned statewide on behalf of Republican candidates and that contributed to the current Republican majority. In particular, while some political experts were betting on some type of EastTexas mindset, Wayne uncompromisingly campaigned alongside me to victory. I wish that just winning elections was enough. Instead, freedom requires eternal vigilance at home and abroad. By phone, email, or written letter let Representative Christian know that you support his boldness for the values that have made Texas and United States strong.

Capitol Address:  P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0556
District Address:  202 E. Pillar, Room 209
Nacogdoches, TX 75961
District Phone: (936) 560-3982


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  1. John Bryan

    I fully support Wayne Christian and James White. Thank you for your stand on budget matters. Hold tight and stay conservative. Thank you for serving us and our great State of Texas! John Bryan
    13755 FM 777
    Jasper, TX 75951